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George and Hedda Act I
Hedda Act I
Hedda Act II cropped
Hedda Act II and III
George Act II and III
George Evstead and Brack
George Act I
Brack Act I entrance
Brack I
Brack and Hedda Act II
Evstead Act IV
Hedda and Brack Act II
George, Lovborg and Brack Act II
Brack II and III
Evstead Act I
Evstead Act I and IV
George and Evstead Act I
Brack and Hedda Act IV
Hedda Act IV
Leeza Act I
Hedda and Evstead Act I
Hedda and Evstead
Evstead Act II and III


Austin Shakespeare

Director:  Ann Ciccolella | Scenic Design: Evonne Paik Griffin | Costume Design: Aaron Kubacak | Lighting Design: Patrick Anthony | Props: Marco Noyola | Photos: Erik Withers | Cast: Gwen Kelso, Helyn Rain Messenger, Chuck Winkler, Ray Shultz, Cliff Mille, Bennie Braswell, Maureen Slabaug

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