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Mr. Burns
Itchy and Scratchy
Burns and Bart Act III
Nelson Mask
Act III Chorus Skinner and Nelson
Troy McClure Mask
Willy Mask
Act III Chorus Wiggham, Willy, Flanders.
Apu Mask 2
Mr. Burns Act III Chorus
Act III Chorus Troy, Apu, Edna
Simpsons Act III 2
Act III Burns, Bart, Lisa
MR. Burns and Bart Act III
Mr. Burns 2
Matt confronts Gibson
Maria's Monologue
Jenny Act II
Jenny Act II
Quincy and Gibson Act II
Gibson Act II
Quincy Act II
Sideshow Bob and Bart Act II
Sideshow Bob Act II
The Thompsons
The Thompsons Act II
Chart Hits
Chart Hits Ladies Act II
Gentlemen with Guns Act II
Act II group
Colleen Act II
Sam Act II
Act I
Act I
Bart Act III
Troy McClure Act III
Matt and Gibson Act I
Gibson Act I
The Costume Designer

Mr. Burns: a post-electric play

University of Texas made possible by a grant from the Green Fund

Director:  Khristian Mendez-Aguirre | Set Design: Iman Corbani | Costume Design: Aaron Kubacak | Lighting Design: Ann Wrightson |Photos: Lawrence Peart

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